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clocks lamps furniture,timepieces,framed photographs, color and black and white,acrylic and watercolor paintings,necklaces earings jewelry

woodturning handmade woodturnings made from exotic and domestic woods,redheart,ash,purpleheart,paduak,oak,cherry,walnut hand made original clock designs made from aluminum and steel and wood original 35 mm color and black and white prints all mated and frames subjects ranging from water to seashore to trains to abstract handmade necklaces and earings and broaches made from aluminum and wood surreal and abstract, large and small convases painted with watercolor , and acrylic,and oil handmade and original furniture designs, including chairs, lamps ,tables  made form oak and walnut and cherry handmade prairie style lamps,frank lloyd wright style stain glass shades of various styles various abstract digital desighns made with various paint programs both small and large table and wall sculptures made with wood and steel and aluminum

You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.